About Us

Our History

Molly and Win standing infront of the Krakenwhip booth, smiling at the viewer and embracingKrakenwhip was founded over 13 years by Kristin Gallup. What started as a one-woman company using up-cycled materials and with every piece being stitched in her bedroom, quickly took Burning Man by storm. Production expanded and eventually landed in its home in an artist community in Oakland, CA. 

Krakenwhip now employs over 8 talented artisans who work as a team to bring these leather lovelies to life. Krakenwhip was such an obvious fit for Renaissance faire, Wastelands, Steampunk, Kink, and so many other communities that the Kraken-ship has sailed across the country at a variety of events! 

After over 10 years of working in production and managing the vending booths, Molly and Win purchased the company in January of 2024. Now at the helm, they hope to expand the company's offerings, revive some old favorites, and continue to discover and explore new far off lands for Krakenwhip to invade... we mean INSPIRE! 

Kristin may no longer be a part of the Kraken Crew but she is now steering a new ship called Sable & Sin, which will showcase other delights such as her Bustles and Ruched Skirts. If you miss those designs, worry not! You can reach out to her on Instagram @sableandsin 



A Whole-Hide Companythree Monarch butterfly themed Regal Belts made in black stingray, black, and metallic orange leather

During our humble origins, we used exclusively upcycled leather to create our designs. As the company has expanded and demands increased, we have moved to a "whole-hide" structure. Each hide is hand selected and because all manufacturing is done by hand in our Oakland location, we ca be sure to use as much of the hide as physically possible - leading to less waste and less environmental impact. We are still up-cycling and using dead stock leather in addition to new hides! 




The Krew

The Krew member bios coming soon!