Care & Feeding

All of our creations are made with adventure-ready garment leather and can benefit from the same care as a leather jacket. Though the natural patina of wear adds beauty and personality to leather goods, a little bit of cleaning and care will help them look their best for years to come.

  • Use a soft brush or slightly damp cloth to remove excess dust or dirt; we recommend leather wipes for a deeper clean, especially after rough terrain. Metallic finishes can wear thin with aggressive scrubbing so handle with appropriate care
  • Avoid saturating your garment with water or sweat and always store it dry
  • Ruff tops keep their best shape on a hanger or folded in half and stored flat
  • New snaps can be stubborn but beeswax or sewing oil can help loosen them
  • We offer free resizing on all belts for life; just reach out or stop by our booth! Email for alterations or repairs