Frequently Asked Questions

I fell in love with a piece at an event, do you still have it?

Maybe! Did you take a picture? Shoot us an email and we’ll check. 

The only way to make sure that exact piece goes home with you and only you at an event is to get it there. However, if someone else snatched it up already, don’t despair; we can probably make you something very similar. 


Do you make my size?

Short answer: YES. 

Medium answer: Yes, but we might not have it in the booth in your color. This is true for ALL sizes, by the way, not just what the modern fashion industry deems unusual. We’re a small company and it’s simply not possible for us to have every item in every size and every color at every event. If we don’t have it, we’ll make it, and no, you won’t be charged extra for it. 

Long answer: We make clothes for meatsuits. Meatsuits vary. (Like, a LOT.) Our off-the-rack belts accommodate measurements from 29”-63”, our ruff tops come in lengths from 37”-46” and circumferences from x”-x”, and we make four sizes of holster, each of which has three settings so we can accommodate 12 shoulder-widths. And that’s before we even get into custom, which we do all the time. If you’re unsure of how a garment We’re always happy to make a custom piece to fit your measurements. We don’t charge extra for custom orders, but they do take a little extra time. Your patience is appreciated. 

Much of the time, we can resize a belt, and often an extender can be added to a ruff top to give it a few extra inches, so you might not even need to place a custom order. 

You can find out more about our sizing here, or feel free to email us. 


Do you make all-black? 

Of course. But it often sells out pretty quickly, so let’s get a special order started for you! 


Do you make all-white?

Yep, but only by special order. That way we can mail it directly to you rather than cart it around to events (which are often in outdoor, dusty locations). 


Is this real leather?

Yes. Trust us, if you were in the booth, you’d know by scent alone. 


What do you mean by upcycled leather?

Look, we love leather. It’s beautiful, durable, and easy to care for. But the process of making it isn’t always so environmentally friendly, which is why we try to upcycle as much as we can. Many of our leathers are deadstock, meaning that there isn’t enough of it to satisfy an industrial run of a garment, but is more than enough material for us to make excellent use of in our pocket belts, sporrans, and holsters. Sometimes our leather comes from car upholsterers, furniture manufacturers, or vintage garments. Sometimes it has marks, stretches, or texture that adds to the unique nature of each piece. (Don’t worry- we don’t use any materials that we wouldn’t proudly wear ourselves.)

Upcycled also means that we make as much use of the leather we have as possible. The gussets on our pocket belts, the straps on our ruff tops, backings on our holster pockets are all made with hand-pieced scrap leather assembled with great care. We believe strongly in creating fashion that doesn’t view materials as disposable, and making sure we minimize waste while creating the most beautiful leather goods possible is incredibly important to us. We hope it’s important to you too. 

Do you have anything vegan?

Unfortunately, not at present. Once upon a time we worked with recycled bike tires, but they honestly just couldn’t meet our production standards. Historically, vegan alternatives to leather have mostly meant plastics which can hardly be called an eco friendly option. We’re excited and intrigued by banana leather, pineapple leather, and mushroom leather and once these materials can be purchased by the public, we look forward to playing with them!

Do you have a storefront?

Have you seen Bay Area rental prices?!?! 

Events are more fun anyway. Check out our upcoming shows for where to catch us next. 


Is your stuff for men or for women?

Yes. As well as those in between and beyond.


You’re telling me guys wear those ruff tops?

Yep. And they look damn fine doing it. 

While the ruff tops are most popular with the curvier side of humanity, they also look fantastic on masculine forms. Think of it as somewhere between a vest and a cravat. 

Some of our favorite stylings:

  • As the fourth element of a three-piece suit- worn over a vest and under a jacket it adds elegance and drama to the neckline. 
  • Adds flair and panache to most Ren Faire costumes, piratical ensembles, and festival wear.
  • Over nothing at all.

Don’t believe us? Check out our lookbook and our Instagram

How do I clean it?

For little cleaning just for a refresh, a lightly damp rag with water works just fine. We like to use the leather wipes and leather cleaner/conditioner spray available at most autocare shops to keep our gear looking its best. There’s no need to oil any of our pieces, and they don’t require much maintenance overall, but we definitely recommend giving your belt, ruff top, or holster a good wipe down after any event with caustic dust—especially Burning Man! See our Care and Feeding guide for more information! 


When would I wear it?

When wouldn’t you wear it?