Sizing Guide

Regal Belt Sizing Chart

We encourage choosing a size that can accommodate both waist and hips if possible for versatility in styling, but recommend erring closer to your hip measurement than waist.


Ranger Holster Sizing Chart

All measurements below are approximate. We recommend measuring straight across your shoulders from top of curve to top of curve and using the "Across Shoulder" measurement to size yourself if you are unsure. The size ranges are from the smallest setting on the adjustable back snaps to the largest setting.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Across Holster Back (outer edge to outer edge of holster back with adjustable snaps) 7.5"-9.5" 10"-12.5" 13.5"-15.5" 15.5"-17.5"
Across Holster Front (inside edge of strap to inside edge, from second D-ring) 6"-7" 7"-9" 10.5"-12.5" 15"-17"
Across Shoulder  11"-13" 14"-16" 16"-19" 18"-21"
Top of Shoulder to Top of Pocket ~11.5" ~13.5" ~14.5" ~15.5"
Top of Shoulder to Bottom of Pocket ~19.5" ~21.5" ~22.5" ~23.5"


Ruff Top Sizing Chart

All measurements below are approximate. Ruff Top sizes indicate the total distance of the Ruff top from bottom edge around the neck to bottom edge and does not correlate to any US "standardized" sizing or bra sizes. To size yourself, measure from the center of the nape of your neck, over your shoulder angling slightly towards your side. Measure to your desired length under the pectorals. There are two cross snap straps across the ribs that are 3" apart. If you measure to where you want your ruff top to end on the body, be sure to measure 3" up to make sure the snap straps can be fitted comfortably (those with breast tissue may have issues or discomfort closing the top snap strap if it is too high).

Each Size also had a High and Low rib measurement. Ranges below show the tightest snap setting to the largest snap setting. We DO make snap extenders and can also make custom cross straps upon request. Please schedule a consultation with Molly if you are interested in a custom Ruff Top. 

Example measurement: This person's Center Nape to just under the bust measurement is 18.5". Add 3" for the second snap strap and the measurement equals 21.5". Double that measurement and get 43". This individual wears a 43 Ruff Top. If you are in between sizes or unsure, please Contact Us and we can assist you!

37 38 39 41 43 46
Distance Center Nape of Neck to desired location for top cross strap ~15.5" ~16" ~16.5" ~17.5" ~18.5" ~20"
Distance from Center Nape of Neck to desired location of Bottom of second cross strap (bottom of the ruff top) ~18.5" ~19" ~19.5" ~20.5" ~21.5" ~23"
Top Cross Strap (High Rib) Measurement range 20"-33" 22"-34" 24"-36" 24"-38" 28"-44" 33"-48"
Bottom Cross Strap (Low Rib) Measurement range 20"-31" 21"-32" 23"-34" 23"-36" 27"-41" 30"-44"