Book a Design Consult

feminine individual in a bright pink 18th century ensemble wearing a barbie pink matching ruff top while smiling at the viewer and holding a pink parasolLooking for Something Custom?

We've got three weeks left before Molly heads out to Bristol so now's the time to book a consult. Schedule a remote chat with Molly HERE!

About the $50 Booking Fee

After our chat, your booking fee becomes a deposit towards any order placed up to three months from our chat. We don't charge extra for custom orders (provided they're for items we already make) so the only extra cost is your patience. We've got a three to four month turnaround time on customs right now. 

What Are We Making?

Ruff tops, Regal belts, Bat belts, Holsters, Thigh Bags and Sporrans

What Are The Prices?

Holsters $400

Regal Belts $350

Monarch Edition Regal Belts $500

Bat Belts $250

Ruff tops $200-$250 depending on leather choices

Thigh Bags & Sporrans $150

A number of level-up options are available and can impact the total price of your item. (Things like adding a credit card pocket to your ruff top or a chest strap for the holster etc.)

How Much is Shipping?

In most cases we can ship up to three items for $20

Need to Cancel/Reschedule?

Please give us as much notice as possible. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns